1. the device works without any chemical products. It is based on the concept of a traditional “washing”: with water and brushes (the engine makes run the wheel, the wheel is strongly based on the first two brushes which grant its external cleaning, and the other two brushes are moved by a piston and clean perfectly the internal part of the wheel). This system of washing permits to discharge the used water in any place you wish without any risk of environmental pollution + you do not need to spend money in buying the chemical products.
  2. the wheel-washer works with cold water. It permits a great money sparing in energy consume.    
  3. it does not need any constant water connection. The internal tank may be refilled with any hose; the device is empted simply by opening a special valve placed on the back side of the device.
  4. the device is able to wash any wheel, both of cars and trucks (you can insert the wheels with diameter up to 800mm, the biggest existent at the market).
  5. the wheel is not only washed but also dried with the help of a special internal drying system using compressed air.
  6. the device is completely in stainless steel. You do not have any risk of rust also after years-use.  
  7. it is really simple in use. It performs a completely automatic washing after your setting of washing time.
  8. a super interesting price.

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